Saturday, June 17, 2017


I have been thinking about all the marriages I have seen struggling.  As a Pastor’s wife many people come to me or my husband to discuss or ask for prayer because of marital issues.  I have seen a pattern in the problems… a lack of intimacy!

Dobson has some great articles about marriage and intimacy.   It is sad how this topic is often neglected and overlooked in churches.  I mean let's face it, it is not a comfortable topic, and when are there "PRIVATE" places and time in church to discuss these sensitive things.

Well, I think it is time we educate ourselves and each other!  We are MARRIED WOMEN... we have sex!  This is not a SIN, or an obligation, IT IS A GIFT! 

The problem is, it is like receiving a bicycle as a gift that has not been put together.  That could be overwhelming!  Especially if we do not have tools or someone to help is hold the pieces together as we assemble it. 

Just think of the fun we would have and the health benefits, once that bicycle is assembled! 

Intimacy in marriage is very similar... IT TAKES TIME to figure out how to assemble the pieces and communication is the key!  

Assembling the bicycle has an instruction manual.  You must instruct each other how to assemble yourselves so we can enjoy the benefits of the sweet gift of intimacy! 

I encourage you to read the article by Dr. Dobson so you can begin to understand the difference between men and women! 

Remember intimacy is NOT A SIN, or an obligation... IT IS A GIFT, but you have to work at putting the pieces together!